Kalpataru Tree :: All Things Passing

Here’s a new release from Chillography favorite, and previous guest, Kalpataru Tree. Curtis fuses lush, organic textures, with dreamy dubscapes to create a unique blend that is sure to please all psydub fans.

Preview the 7-track album with the player below, and buy it in your format of choice for only $5. At that price, by this artist, this album is a must own.

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Phutureprimitive :: Luminous EP

Finally! Some fresh new music from northwest psychill hero, and Chillography favorite, Phutureprimitive. Out today is the Luminous EP, containing three new(ish) tracks. I say “newish” because it seems like Rain has been dropping these tracks in his sets for a while, and it’s nice to finally have my own copies to play out. Style-wise, fans of his first album and subsequent compilation contributions will recognize that signature Phutureprimitive moody atmosphere and delicious bass lines. What’s new is the addition of lyrical vocals in the forefront of the mix as the new driving force for each track. These lyrics, by Alyssa Palmer and Rain, have been tastefully edited and are seamless additions to the already lush Phutureprimitive soundscape. Vocals of this caliber seem to be tricky to find in this kind of electronica, and Rain pulls it off. My gut tells me that some old fans will not be so into this new lyrical direction, but it will most certainly open up his music to an even wider audience. With Phutureprimitive now performing as a full band, this new direction should be not much of a surprise, and thankfully, in Rain’s capable hands the vocals and music continue to push the mature downtempo vibe that first caught the world’s ear six years ago.

<a href="http://phutureprimitive.bandcamp.com/album/luminous-ep">Luminous (Original Mix) by Phutureprimitive</a>

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An exciting detail to this Friday’s Chillography 202 will be the Entranced demo. Monstro.us is coming all the up from San Franscisco to treat us to a sneak preview of their upcoming interactive music game, featuring music from one of the heroes of the global chillout scene, Makyo. And to bring this full circle, Makyo and his record label, Dakini Records, produce a series of chillout shows in Japan called “Dakini Nights,” which was an important influence in the creation Chillography. 🙂

In their words:

Entranced, a whole new way to appreciate music.

Entranced is a 3D interactive music experience designed to immerse the player in a vibrant and responsive visual landscape, exciting the imagination and creating a sense of rhythmic flow. By listening to energetic World music, observing visual cues, and receiving feedback from the game controller, each player interprets and performs movements that sync with the music. The result is dazzling visual and audio rewards.

Here’s some video of Entranced being demoed at the 2009 Motion Graphics Festival in Austin. I can’t wait to give this a try myself.

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History of Ambient

Here is an excellent History of Ambient documentary from Radio 1. It’s full of classic tunes and interviews with the original masters of the genre all woven together. Definitely worth a listen.


Download it in a variety of formats from here.

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