Recorded Chillography sets for your listening pleasure. To download, right-click (PC) or CTRL+click (Mac) on link and select Save File/Link.

Chillography 801

» [download#36#nohits]
» [download#37#nohits]
» [download#32#nohits]
» [download#33#nohits]

Chillography 204 / Kinetic 4

» [download#27#nohits]
» [download#28#nohits]
» [download#30#nohits]

Chillography 203

» [download#29#nohits] :: track list
» [download#31#nohits]
» [download#26#nohits]

Chillography 202

» [download#22#nohits]
» [download#23#nohits]
» [download#24#nohits]
» [download#25#nohits] :: track list

Chillography 201

» [download#16#nohits] :: track list
» [download#17#nohits]
» [download#18#nohits] :: track list
» [download#19#nohits]
» [download#20#nohits]
» [download#21#nohits]

Chillography 104

» [download#15#nohits]
» [download#14#nohits] :: track list
» [download#13#nohits]
» [download#12#nohits]

Chillography 103

» [download#11#nohits]
» [download#10#nohits]
» [download#9#nohits]
» [download#8#nohits]

Chillography 102

» [download#7#nohits] :: track list
» [download#6#nohits]
» [download#5#nohits]
» [download#4#nohits] :: track list

Chillography 101

» [download#3#nohits]
» [download#2#nohits]
» [download#1#nohits]


  1. Thank you for making these sets available for download. It’s a good service for people who can’t make it to the events due to long distance. I have a request – can you please post the track list for the sets where possible? Thank you and keep up the good work 🙂

  2. very much looking forward to seeing my Seattle family once again and enjoying the chill event!

  3. This is amazing!

    I hope in time to develop a similar concept in my own city!

    Alex G

  4. @ Alex G: You should! The world needs more proper chillin’. 🙂

  5. track listings when possible pls!

  6. Hi Crispy,

    ty ty ty for your great art. While track list are nice and very useful to purchase the tracks from, as a DJ I understand that during live events where your creative juices are flowing from track to track on the fly it’s no easy task to stop and make note of the exact track, or go back and listen at a lter time and note tracks, in fact it would be a hindrance to the entire creative process and the time you spend doping your art. For that reason I understand how with so many live mixes it’s near impossible to note the specific tracks names.

    One suggestion would be to release a “must own track list” so we can see some of the tracks and artist you feel need to be supported. By supporting their art via a purchase of these essential tracks we can together further other artists ability to release them for you and I. Again ty so much for you fine works being available. – peace

  7. I have a background in radio, so I can be a bit neurotic about documentation. In other words, here’s my playlists (so far):

    0x86 at Chillography 102
    Alexy V Hundred Miles
    Sync 24 Source
    Theo End (Part 1)
    4T Thieves Mists of Time (Ambient)
    Neurokin Detuned Love
    Haujobb Grounds
    Jean-Paul Bondy Monochrome
    Internal Deliverance
    Mesak Tufnu
    Mr. Projectile Sinking
    Slem Repeating Sequence
    Kolibries Radio
    Deru Tapah
    Abyssal Plains When Raven Claws the Sky

    0x86 at Chillography 201
    The Irresistible Force – Nepalese Bliss
    I:Cube – Le Dub
    Daddy Ous – Tout Le Monde
    Ras Command – Interlude No. 1 (Puffin Mix)
    Patchwork – Machinsm
    Hibernation – Trickle
    Eastern Dub Tactik – Like This
    Gaudi – Chaine a Chaine
    Miles Tilmann – Derail
    Ailo – Equilibria Etheria
    Vibrasphere – San Pedro
    Aes Dana – Nexus
    Jugi – Have You Ever
    S-Range – 7.6 Ghz
    Dream Lab – Chemical Karmasutra
    The Higher Intelligence Agency – Ting

  8. thanks a lot kids for the free music!!
    the music should always be free for everyone
    kisses from greece

  9. Tracklist set Osiris Indriya at Chillography 201???? please

    André – Brasil

  10. Thank you for saving my sanity 🙂

  11. Just wanted to say THANK YOU to everyone at Chillography. Love the music and truely appreciate having access to download your work. Keep it up – you guys are the BEST!

  12. Thank you so much.

    With best and warmest regards,

  13. this is the wonderful group i have ever heard-never heard such a music before its just mid refreshing and mellow side of music ! would like to meet its creators for creating such a melody which is rare and hard to find ! 😉 cheers hope to get a reply from the group

  14. Thank you all for this wonderful downloads. Guys you doing great job here, keep it up 🙂


  15. when are you going to post some new mixes? Seriously I’ve been waiting for over a year now, and that has been a LONG wait as your stuff here is really cool!

  16. Great question! We only do 1 event a year now, but there are certainly some archived sets that after a few hours of attention could be ready for download. Subscribe to our RSS and you’ll be notified the instant the new sets are made available.

  17. Please please please release some new mixes! I love the old ones and listen to them all the time!
    I’m just dying for some new stuff!

  18. Thanks to the people at Chillography for making this electronic music available.


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