Chillography 203

Join us again to celebrate chillout the way it was meant to be enjoyed—comfortably lounging in a bubble of pristine audio, with a group of fellow chill aficionados. We’re taking the chill room and putting it in it’s proper place—front and center.

Welcome to Chillography 203.

When :: Friday, February 5, 2010, 10pm – 4am
Where :: Transcendent Church of Bass, 920 Elliott Ave. W, Seattle, WA 98105
Tickets :: $15 at door
Who :: 18+

Notes :: There will be a strict no-alcohol policy in effect. Please respect this policy.

Check out the NWTekno event thread.

Live webcast ::

Can’t make it to the show? Tune into the live audio/video webcast for free! You’ll be able to connect with the stream via the player found here or over at our Chillography channel.

Presenting the evening’s chillographers ::



Michael Maricle and Jake Perrine have made music all their lives, each having released numerous albums of their own music over the years. Michael is a accomplished pianist and composer. Jake is a composer and audio engineer. Their new collaboration with Bloom represents a blend of their styles and skills.

To listen to Bloom is like looking at life which expands. The melodic compositions are transporting, crossing barriers between time, beauty and stillness to bring you to an “in-between-world” where dreams reign. As a painter brings a landscape to life, Bloom creates new worlds with magical, vivid imagery, organic rhythms and ethereal vocals.

Bloom is currently completing their debut release of songs that they hope will inspire their listeners and bring new light to the world.

Preview their upcoming release at



Cotec, aka Isaac Marcum, creates dense emotional landscapes using a mixture of glitch, 2 step, and intertwining melodies. Cotec’s first exploration into sound scaping was with Psyche Sonics that used frequencies and beat patterns to effect consciousness. Evolving with binaural beats and consciousness changing technology Cotec has been able to bring these innovative techniques into his own music.

» Cotec on Soundcloud


(Audible Bicycle Day)

Nelia’s intention is to project positive energy, love,and happiness to the community through music. She brings the femimine and masculine together with a fusion of downtempo, idm, dub, tribal, and gypsy music.


(Transcendent Church of Bass / Chillography)

I love music, and have been listening to music for as long as I can remember. I produce and co-produce electronic music events on a regular basis – past projects include Renegade Soundwave, co:Nection, Chillography, h’Art Opening, Bhang Bang, 777 – Manifesting the Divine, and many others.

A few years ago I realized that Seattle needs a suitable space for these kinds of events. Specifically, a space where we have no neighbors, and where noise complaints are not an issue. I finally found a space around June of 2007, and so the Transcendent Church of Bass finally found a home. Our 15,000W Mackie Fusion sound system delivers pristine audio quality. Come check it out at Dancechurch, a bi-monthly all-ages no-alcohol midweek freestyle dance that rocks!

I see my role as DJ as creating a sound environment that is in sync with the audience. I’m not playing the music for myself, and therefore pay close attention to the vibe, the response to the tracks, and the movement of energy through the room.

I enjoy my role as DJ, producer, and instigator – I hope to remain involved with a variety of projects aimed at building community and establishing stronger links between communities.

Hendrik at Chillography 201

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Looptid Visuals


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Herbal Elixir Bar

Be sure to bring some extra cash for a tasty and revitalizing beverage!

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