Chillography 301 PSA

You should arrive at the park with these two bits of info:

1. Parking: The Torchlight Parade is that night, and we have no idea how this will effect the parking situation near the park. If this concerns you, it’ll be best to arrive earlier in the afternoon, before folks start coming into downtown for the parade.

2. Bathrooms: It was prohibitively expensive and logistically difficult for us to rent a porta for the afternoon. This is a free event and potties on a weekend are $$$$. The closest public restroom is at the sculpture garden, a 5-10 min walk from our location. Plan you 1s and 2s accordingly.

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Chillography 301 info

Chillography is heading into its third year of diving deep into the mellow and we’re doing it with a sure fire format—a chillout day party, in a park, for free…. ’nuff said. Musically, we’re bringing back some Chillography favorites to treat us to the perfect soundtrack to a waterfront-breeze-with-grass-between-your-toes kinda day. Please join us with your picnics, hula hoops, long boards, frisbees, yoga mats, books, blankets, lawn chairs, sunscreen, and whatever else is it that makes for a great summer day in a beautiful Seattle park..

Welcome to Chillography 301

When :: Saturday, July 31, 2010, noon to 8 pm
Where :: Myrtle Edwards Park (southern-most clearing, just north of the Sculpture Park)
Cost :: FREE

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